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The goal of this website is to simply show prefered location, restaurant and simply thing that we think it is perfect following our point of view. Perfection is differently reachable for everyone of us by many ways...Hope you will enjoy reading us and visiting those places we did try for you !



The best places to eat on earth decor,ambiance,and of course the food! Follow me !


Are you looking for the most beautifull cars, watches,wines, it is!



Looking for a place to stay or planning your next holidays. Follow me...


All the upcoming art fairs, and the cream of the cream of the artist known and unknown will be presented here.

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Grand communicateur, spécialiste d'Internet avec plus de 10 ans d'expériences en marketing en ligne et hors ligne.

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Une excellente avocate. Plus de 5 ans d'expériences dans le domaine de la gestion de comptes clés et de campagnes.
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